Michel Camilo, the Effervescence of the Best Times

Michel Camilo -  Spirit of the Moment</a Michel Camilo – Spirit of the Moment Spirit of the Moment Once more, Dominican Michel Camilo, with a musical format where one can appreciate him the most: the trio format. His sixteenth CD, Spirit of the Moment (Telarc), finds Camilo in one of his best shapes and in constant evolution. The key: the easiness with which Michel masterfully and musically integrates his components, his musicians.

Backed by drummer Dafnis Prieto and bassist Richie Flores, with whom Camilo has been touring and performing for four years, Camilo’s vision is molded, allowing him to build his music in a precise plot.

Twelve pieces, including eight originals by Camilo and four standards. One of those originals is “Trilogy,” where the pianist easily distills Brazilian jazz sensibility. From that refined cadence, Camilo ventures into “Giant Step”, with urgent passion, mutant chords and superb rhythmic traffic by Dafnis and Flores. This version of the John Coltrane classic pervades the spirit of the time, Camilo unthreads it and weaves it in a peculiar fashion. Its weakness: very brief, he leaves us entranced with barely one minute and 59 seconds.

Meanwhile,“Hurry and wait” is the most fiery of all and the most Latin of the entire repertory. In addition, with the bluesy and Flamenco feel, and the intense serenity of his ballads, among other airs, Michel Camilo climbs another step in a brilliant career of 25 years.

Please, do not pigeonhole (and minimize) this CD among the best in the field of Latin jazz. This is jazz is its vibrant essence.

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Author: Rafael Mieses