Algerian Artist Idir Releases France of the Colors

Paris, France – A new album titled ‘La France des Couleurs’ (France of the Colors) will be released this month by Algerian artist Idir.

A major figure in the French world music scene, Idir has been composing, penning lyrics, and interpreting music for over 30 years. Earlier albums include ‘Identités (Identities), which sold over 200,000 copies, and the The Best of Idir (‘Deux Rive, un Rêve’), which sold over 100,000 copies, and the recent Live album.

This new album sets itself apart with amazing collaboration pieces and lyrics. Here, Idir plays with some of the hottest names in the French hip hop and R ‘n B scenes, including Akhenaton, Daniel Manu and Guizmo (of Tryo), Nâdiya, Noa, Oxmo Puccino, and many more.


The first single off the album is ‘Je viens de là ou l’on m’aime’ (I come from where I am Liked), featuring Féfé and Leeroy from the Super Saïan Crew. The album is already available in Belgium and Switzerland, with many more countries to come.

Plans are currently underway for a major concert that would feature all the artists seen on this project. The show will take place sometime in October at Zénith in Paris, and will be followed by a tour by Idir throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Canada.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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