Gold in Poland for the Gotan Project

Paris, France – A party to award gold status to the men of the Gotan Project has been planned in Poland this month, including a mini concert from the group!

It was confirmed earlier in May that the group would be awarded gold status for both La Revancha del Tango  and Lunático. La Revancha del Tango was released in early 2002 and has since sold over 20,000 copies in Poland, while Lunático was released just last year and already has sold over 10,000 copies there.

The concert and celebratory after-party are to be held June 12th in Warsaw, and representatives are in the process of locking down a DJ set from Philippe & Christoph.

If that wasn’t enough, the group can also now boast that they are the only group to have won 2 BBC World Music Awards. They were given that award 2 weeks ago in the Global Club category.


Gotan Project will be touring all over the world in the upcoming months, hitting major festivals and headlining their own concerts. Just to name a few, they will be performing at the Wireless Festival in London June 15th, at the Couleur Café Festival in Brussels June 29th, the Cool Jazz Festival near Lisbon July 2nd, at the Cactus Festival in Bruges (Brugge) July 7th.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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