Cankišou at Amsterdam Roots Festival 2007

Czech world music band Cankišou is introducing its wild rhythms full of positive energy at famous Amsterdam Roots Festival in Netherlands on June 17, 2007.
 Cankišou with its music based on a legend about one legged Canki nation regularly makes audiences all around the world dance. The Amsterdam Roots Festival will be held for the tenth time this year and the band will perform on Roots Open Air in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. A week later, on 24.6.2007, the band is performing at Wereldfeest in Utrecht.Cankišou was established in 1999. Its wild music full of positive energy is influenced by many ethnics – Arabian, African, Balkan, Indian. The band has released three CD: Music of the Canki people (2000), Densé ju with title Mongolian folk song (2002) and Gamagaj, which is inspired by a book Baudolino by Umberto Eco (2004). Cankišou is working on its fourth CD right now.
 The band literally performs all around the world. Cankisou participated in World Performing Arts Festival 2005 in Lahore in Pakistan, which is the biggest festival in South-East Asia. There, the musicians made fusion with well known Sufi singer Sain Zahoor. Last year the band performed at Manapany Surf festival 2006 on French Réunion island. Other concerts: FOLKowa FIESTA 2005 and 2006 in Poland, Sheshori festival 2005 and 2007 in Ukraine, Fete de la Musique 2005 in Romania, Klaipeda Jazz festival 2005 in Lithuania etc.
 The band is:
 Karel Herman – vocals
 Zdenek Kluka – vocals, drums, percussions, balafon, accordion
 Jan Kluka – vocals, drums, jembe, percussions, trabuka, yarin
 David Synak – vocals, flutes, didjeridoo, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, jinagovi
 Roman Mrazek – vocals, bass guitar
 Rene Senko – vocals, tenor saxophone
 Martin Krajicek – vocals, mandolin
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Author: alexa birdsong