Iraqi Maqam Seminar by Anwar Abu Dragh at the Musical Workshop Labyrinth

Anwar Abu Dragh
Anwar Abu Dragh

An Iraqi makam seminar by Anwar Abu Dragh will take place July 2-7, 2007 at the Musical Workshop Labyrinth in Crete.

The last great master, Munir Basheer, played a major role in his musical formation. Under his direction and the supervision of the artist Nasser Shamma, Abudragh has participated as joze player in the group Al Baiyariq. He has also worked as a violinist in the Iraqi Symphonic Group.

Abudragh taught at the Institute of Music as well as the School of Music and Ballet in Baghdad .He participated in several Arab and international festivals including in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

He currently works as teacher of music at the Arab Cultural Centre in Brussels. He also performs solo playing Joze and luth and singing maqam. Abu Dragh also performs with other groups of different musical styles such as Jazz, Flamenco, Indian, Turkish and Greek music.

Currently, Abu Dragh seeks to reinvent the Iraqi maqam basing himself on the classical tradition which he seeks to enrich with his new musical experience driven from his work with musical groups from different horizons.

Price: 240E (accommodation included)
For more information on this seminar contact:
Labyrinth Musical Workshop,
Houdetsi, Crete, Greece
tel-fax: 0030 2810 741027

Author: kellythoma