Les Boukakes Prepare a Summer Tour

Paris, France – The multicultural band Les Boukakes put on their game faces as they get ready for their world tour to take place this summer.

Formed 7 years ago, Les Boukakess is made up of 7 musicians from different countries (France, Algeria, and Tunisia). It’s with this ethnic and cultural mixture that Les Boukakes shape their original sound: stirring rock, groove, electronic, raï, and gnawa all in one big melting pot.

They were nominated for the ‘BBC Radio 3 Music Awards’ in November 2006 and they have already performed hundreds of gigs in 45 different countries with artists such as Zebda, The Wailers, and Rachid Taha.

Les Boukakes are currently preparing an exhaustive summer tour that will explore various corners of the world, including new compositions for an album that will see the light of day beginning in 2008.


Starting May 16th, this tour will take Les Boukakes to Holland, Spain, Morocco, Canada, the US, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. They will then return to Germany and Holland to do a full tour in November.

Their new album is titled ‘Bledi’.

Photo by Strange Milena.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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