DubaiLime to partner with radio 92 to provide Dubai original music.

Dubai Lime today announced that it will partner with Radio 92 the leading English language radio station in Dubai to run a weekly Dubai based original music show.
 The show will be broadcast between 7pm and 9pm every Saturday and will showcase artists developing their own original music in Dubai. Why? well it seems as though Dubai Lime may have stumbled onto the secret source when it comes to social networking.
 The show came about after a 92 DJ attended one of the Dubai Lime events in April and saw the level of talent creating their own original music compositions in Dubai. The city known for its amazing hotels and shopping and as a tourist destination hot spot is hotting up from a music scene perspective.“Lime Jam is fast becoming viewed as the main stay of the original music scene in Dubai and artists that were just a month ago playing in their bedroom now have a forum for development and exhibition of their works” explained Ram King of Dubai Lime. “We have had such positive feedback from local organizations, radio stations, Arabic media channels and most importantly users that we are now getting to grips with what we have achieved

The company that started out as a humble Dubai Open Mic just a few weeks ago with a website is going from strength to strength with user rates effectively doubling every week. Artists that perform at the Dubai lime are recorded on Audio and Video and their works are then distributed on the website under a creative commons license.

The tie up with 92 FM of Dubai really is a win win situation, Dubai Lime provide 92 FM with local Dubai based original music artists and they get a show that the community hungers for which is relevant to their local environment.

The radio show is broadcast live weekly and recorded on Audio and Video for website distribution on Dubai Lime.

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