New Album for the Desert Blues Singer Malouma

Paris, France – A unique, unconventional sound piece, alternating between the energy of the song ‘Gamly’, the traditional sensuality of ‘Yarabi’ (a blues song with Arab accents), the simple emotion of ‘Habi’ and the thirst for universality is what Malouma has to offer with her latest recording ‘Nour’ (Marabi); a new album of hope for a better future.
 Various musical influences were gathered around Malouma and her all star band. Indeed, one can hear electric guitar lines played by Bojan Z, bass riffs by Ousmane Touré, and as surprising as it sounds, the virtuous talents of Eric Legnini on the piano.

All of these talents form a unique symbiosis with the Mauritanian rhythms that were further emphasized by ‘gumbass’, wild percussion and a drum set at times.

Malouma’s lyrics are full of human feelings and poetical images. She is known for her political engagement thanks to her simple messages concerning the Mauritanian woman, the pain and bliss of filial love, immigration as well as her sincere attachment to a God that transcends all religions. This moving vision of peace and humanity is sung in the hope of bringing together different cultures, somewhat like her music.

She is today considered as few of the greatest musicians in her Mauritanian homeland, adored by the youth, and is prepared for a worldwide conquest with ‘Nour’. The disc was released the 8th of March in France, followed by a full European release in April and May through Harmonia Mundi.

In July, she will be touring a large amount of international festivals.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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