Peter Cole Releases Stay Alive

Peter Cole - Stay Alive
Peter Cole – Stay Alive
This album is something one would long to hear over and over again. The expression of the lyrics is accompanied by an array of instruments in a manner so unique that you would certainly want to see him in a live concert. The strumming of the guitars, keyboards, talking drums, etc adds a touch of novelty to the entire music.

The way the voice is situated within the bars of the music pattern tends to solicit more listening audience. Upon listening to this album one would be tempted to categorize it as either jazz, reggae or Afro-funk but you realized its uniqueness independent of other styles: this is a genuine world music album. Peter Cole has a way of capturing the central theme of his music at the bridge of his songs while the voice and instruments rise in crescendo. “This is deliberate so as to draw attention to the message of the music. “Stay Alive” is a classic example of arrangement the Peter Cole way. In this central message, Peter cautions the entire world about the threat of poverty, Aids and conflict but says dialogue is the way forward.

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Author: nerfertitus