World Music at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest

Ulrika  Bodén
Ulrika Bodén
With the song "I mina drömmar – Mani armani taha", World Music will be represented in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. The songwriter Ulrika Bodén’s favorite word in the world is "sheida", which means crazy about love in Baluchi and Persian. The song "I mina drömmar" is sung in both of these languages as well as in Swedish.

In this unique gathering of folk music from Sweden and Baluchistan*, one is struck by the similarities between the two styles, but above all, by how well the differences complement each other. The song traditions have been brought together and have been entwined, the Orient’s saut with the melody from the North. It introduces the nyckelharpa and benju in a sonorous ensemble, where the Swedish polka dance meets the sepanjegi.

When the musicians Rostam Mirlahari, Ulrika Bodén, Niklas Roswall and Abdulrahman Surizehi work together, sentimental love songs, intoxicated drinking songs and quick flowing dance music emerge – three everlasting themes the world over.

Rostam and Ulrika began singing together many years ago when they were both teachers for the folk music course in Hovra. Their work together developed and eventually they decided to invite their favorite musicians, respectively, to join them and create a quartet. Abdulrahman and Niklas both joined and the “Sheida Orchestra” was founded.

*Baluchistan is a province of east Iran that stretches into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Author: hahlstro