Two powerful women of music……(jazz in india)

As a year goes by, there is so much that goes by too, emotionally and otherwise, and it is obviously time for thanksgiving that so much good has taken place all year through. And, whatever may be the drawbacks, good always prevails, or so we must always try to think.

From the view point of music in general and jazz in particular, I personally cannot remember of something bigger than the Belinda Oliveira benefit concert held at Campal in October last year. The emotion that was packed in a power-studded show like that is something that comes only once in a while. The feeling of getting together to back a fellow musician who was battling cancer is something that made me understand that the music industry has got feeling after all, and has got that supportive spirit which is so important in anything we do.And when my good old friend Belinda walked in for the Shuffle Demons show at the Highway Village to just be with us the other day, you can well imagine what we all felt about that. To see her back in body and form with her supportive family in tow, is something which legends are made of. Frail she might be, as yet, the benign though spirited spirit was there for everyone to see, for everyone to take cue from, to be encouraged to a degree that is difficult to fathom. Thanks Belinda for giving the reason for the music industry to be so caring and loving, something which will hopefully give all of us direction to be more helpful and generous in the times to come.

And then, I can never forget the courage shown by our very own Goan heart throb, Sanya Cotta who is now in Germany, giving her best to chase the dream that is so firmly entrenched in her young spirit, fully dedicated to the cause of music, and who is an icon for us all to emulate. Little do we realize that a 19 year old girl has left her family and her Goa that she loves so much, just to dedicate herself to the gift that God has given her, a gift to be a shining star in the music firmament. How many Goans at that age have the courage to embark on this journey is just a question to be asked and whose answer is just the inspiration for so many youngsters who need a shining example to fire their imagination. Lest we forget, we must salute the courage shown by Mr. and Mrs. Schubert Cotta to let their daughter free to do what is her calling. Many including myself would find that very difficult to do.

If two women in totally different circumstances have given us the inspiration to march forward, we must feel proud that we have them in our midst. And thank God for that subtle but exciting way He always shows us, to look beyond the ordinary.

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Author: armandogonsalves