Jazz by the Beach

The sun dipped its soft red face into the Sea and a dark sky freckled with faint stars stepped in. A crescent moon made a brief appearance and disappeared with the stars. The waves hush-hushed on the beach rhythmically. Cool gentle breezes played with the palm leaves. Nature was muted into the perfect backdrop for the first Jazz by the Beach concert at Zeebop, Utorda, Sunday 14 November. Jazz stars from all over the world created intricate rhythms on the stage while the audience settled into the white sands of the Zeebop restaurant for a really cool evening of hot music and food.

Yvonne Gonsalves has a rich powerful voice wrapped in honey that makes any
song she sings a delicious experience. Jazz for a lazy afternoon sung at night
with an irresistible pulse. She has performed extensively in Mumbai and in
Canada, has participated in Jazz Yatras, sings Gospel, composes, and is
currently performing at the Royal Meridien, Mumbai.

Jason Beaster Jones, hails from Chicago. His soprano saxophone playing has a
compelling intensity coupled with fluid virtuosity and inventiveness His recipe
for success: “tons of hot air delivered straight down, lots of valve grease and
spit”. Plus ease, control and confidence.

Lenny Heredia has his roots in Divar but lives in Perth, Australia. He has
thrived in the Mumbai circuit playing keyboards and has been enthralling the
Australians for 4 years with his keyboard wizardry. His light touch and delicate
embroidery weaves sonic patterns in and around the solo voices, linking,
binding, supporting in a most accomplished way. His solo flourishes are totally
involving with notes running around in intricate paths all over the keyboard.

Colin D’Cruz and Lester Goudinho always provide a solid backbone to any musician
privileged to perform with them. They are real cool jazzists who take on
anything and deliver wonders. Their versatility and alert adaptability are
simply awesome. Their recipe for success is cool, relaxed sweat with a large
helping of talent, Goan style.

Other stars also came into orbit. Daryl Coelho (violin) and Carlos Monteiro
(keyboards) ushered in a different blend with Blue Moon and Brazilian sambas.
And a really bright star lit up the jazz horizon with the unexpected arrival of
Johnny Fernandes with a pocket trumpet, soprano and alto sax and a musical
pizzazz that made Take Five and a host of standards crackle and sizzle.

This combination of jazz musicians didn’t have to reach out for the stars, which
had vanished from the night sky knowing they couldn’t face the competition.
These musicians were the stars combining in a galaxy of melodies to hold the
audience starry-eyed with the wonder of it all. The Cinderella-like enchantment
had to come to an end at midnight but the magic lived on in the people who had
been touched by the memorable experience.

Armando Gonsalves (Trancemedia) and Gerson Rebello need to take a bow for making
it all possible. There will be other beaches that will come alive with Jazz. And
Goan musicians note-in-note with musicians from all around the world will put
Goa and its beaches on the world map.

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information on jazz in Goa, India

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Author: armandogonsalves