Michigan-based Muslim Record Label Seeks to Make a Difference with Its World Music Releases

Grand Blanc (Michigan), USA – Unity One Investments LLC, a Michigan-based investments Company, announced yesterday the official launch of its new World Music record label: Global One Records.

When the Muslim owned record label first emerged in the summer of 2006, its founders made it their goal not just to oppose the acts of the terrorists, but to open a new venue for the positive light of Islam to shine forth through its music.

The label’s vision was to bring together unique musical styles from around the world and to promote artists that are dedicated to making a difference with their music. For instance, their newly signed artist Ani, a Malaysian born Muslim female singer and Grammy certified songwriter whose new album “One” speaks of the universality of faith and love for God. Over a beautifully-produced, mid-tempo beat, she sings “there is no difference in the God we pray to” seeking to weave an important link between humanity.

Omar Marquis Khan, another one of the label’s artists dedicated his record “A cry for Allah” to all the victims of the 2005 natural disasters, especially the Tsunami and Katrina and Pakistan’s devastating earthquake. Moved by the suffering of the victims, Khan decided to share the revenues from the sales of his records with the relief organization Helping Hands.

True to its universal vision, Global One Records has also signed acts from France and Senegal, including Le Silence des Mosquees, a popular and critically-acclaimed French band and Etu, a renowned Senegalese bass player who has performed with Africa’s finest singers including international stars Youssou N’Dour and Omar Pene.

We plan to sign more acts from Senegal in the upcoming weeks”, says Jamila Krambo, the label’s Executive Director “and we have been contacted by several Muslim artists since we launched the label.

Being a Muslim is not required by the label however; all Global One seeks are artists that have something positive to share through their music. Founder of the label Ali Diallo says, “Our goal is to promote Muslim artists but we are open to working with anybody who has a profound desire to make music that will uplift and unite people of all faiths. The understanding and acceptance of each other as a community is the key to peace. We want to change the way that people see Islam and Muslims by bringing something to the masses that has never been brought before; music from Muslims that appeals to those outside the religion as well, that is all encompassing.”

In a religion where the majority of its members believe that music with instruments or women singing is forbidden, this is no easy task. But Global One Records, who identify themselves as Sufis, a group focused more on the spirituality and tolerance of the religion, have shunned those compartmentalized ideologies and are intent on welcoming and embracing any artist whose music promotes a positive light, seeing the effect, intention and awareness of the music as the most important aspect.

Global One Records has big plans for 2007, including closing deals with three more artists who will be releasing their albums before spring, securing physical distribution deals worldwide and marketing its digital download store which Diallo calls “the Muslim version of iTunes”.

The label also plans to organize a charity fund called Team Senegal (Diallo is a Senegalese native) to help the impoverished community of Senegal’s rural areas. This charity will let 100% of donation go straight to Senegalese children in need of education, food and shelter without being funneled through any other charity fund.

Unity One Investments LLC is an international investments group with offices in Michigan that focuses on music entertainment, wholesale distribution and IT consulting services. The Company was founded by Ali Diallo and Jamila Krambo early in 2006. Diallo, a graduate of the University of Maryland, is a writer and a successful business entrepreneur while Jamila is a financial management expert. Their Company owns stakes in various Michigan-based businesses including a Web design firm, a wholesale company and a record label.

Global One Records is a new distribution label of World Music that brings together different world music styles, inclding Senegal’s Mbalax and Senerap, France’s Neo-Soul, American New-Age, Asian World Music and the oriental genre of North Africa and the Middle East which mixes traditional vibes with a modern sound.

The label, which has representatives in France, Gabon and Senegal, also provides music services such as digital distribution and manufacturing and supply solutions to independent and established artists. To learn more about the label or its artists visit www.GlobalOneRecords.com.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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