Inspired by a blind musician

The more I meander through this beautiful jazz and fusion journey, the more I meet people of different hues, of different styles of thinking and whose experiences make you so much richer by them. The latest in these touching moments is the story of B Santana, a completely blind drummer who suddenly lost his eyesight due to damage to the optic nerve via the dreaded disease Multiple Sclerosis. Being inspired by him, we have decided to give the gate collection of the show to the National Association for the Blind, Goa Chapter, and it has been a pleasure working with this dedicated group of people who are quietly toiling, despite all odds, to help out the blind in Goa. And, you will be surprised to know, and I was surprised too, that there are more than 2000 completely blind people in Goa who require constant help.Having been cajoled by friends to hold a jazz concert during the festive season, I was in two minds about the whole thing due to pressure on my time. However, when Santana suddenly popped up on our screens that was all we needed to energize ourselves into doing a show with a meaning. And here we are with “Liberate Your jazz” that is part of the Heritage Jazz series at Gonsalves Mansion. Heritage Jazz is being held after a long time at Campal, and we have brought it back due to the fact that all of you wonderful people have been insisting on this for so long.

So, here we are with a slam bang event full of the best jazz and fusion musicians that are on offer. Amit Heri, the wizard lead guitarist who is acclaimed to be the best that we have, will be performing with the legendary Ranjit Barot on drums, Ravi Chari on sitar and Karl Peters of drums. Being an original band, The Amit Heri group will be belting out songs from their original compositions, and it will certainly be a treat to listen to something different, and that too in the jazz rock and jazz fusion genre.

With B Santana Quintet having just come out of the very successful International Jazz Utsav that was held in Delhi recently, we have a hot band and it will be “seeing is believing” since Santana is completely blind and he has managed to conquer this misfortune by sheer resolve, faith and hard work. Having lost his sight just five years ago, I was personally amazed that he has managed to get back to music in such a big way.

And to cap it all, we have another original and stunning jazz outfit “Interplay” comprising Sonia Saigal, Harmeet Manseta, Adrian D’Souza and Karl Peters who are coming to Goa to honour Santana and to pay tribute to a man of courage and faith. Let us all get together and make this one emotional and successful evening. With three of the top outfits performing in one night, the fireworks from the music will surely match the emotion of Santana’s feats, something which none of you should miss. I take this opportunity of thanking each one of you for the love and affection that you have constantly showered on us, without which this beautiful journey would be a non-starter. God Bless you all!

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Author: armandogonsalves