Greco – Kurdish Fusion Music – "Raaz e Negah" by Ardeshir Kamkar and Matthaios Tsahourides

Ardeshir Kamkar and Matthaios Tsahourides

Raaz e Negah (2004)

It would be hard to imagine a more soulful, evocative music than the pairing of
master instrumentalists Ardeshir Kamkar and Matthaios Tsahourides. The two
musicians both play bowed, violin-like instruments that are played in various
forms throughout Europe and Asia. Kamkar and Tsahourides passionately blend the
flavors of their own traditions; Kamkar playing in the style of Iranian
Kurdistan and Tsahourides plays a lyra from Pontic Greece. The album Raaz e Negah, released in Iran in 2004 is a non-stop pleaser.
The technical and improvisational mastery of both musicians is impressive, and
the fast-paced melodies conjure the unique styles of both Kurdish and Greek folk
music. The album is a perfect balance of build and release – cheerful, rhythmic
tunes perfect for line dancing build up energy that segues into mellow
improvisational call and response pieces. Tracks 2 and 5 are stand out, upbeat
pieces, while 7 takes a more melancholic flavor.

Photo: Ardeshir Kamkar

Author: Pavel Reyes