Roar Vangen Transforms His Guitar into Hardanger Fiddle Sounds

Roar Vangen -  Streng
Roar Vangen – Streng
On Streng, Norwegian guitarist Roar Vangen shows that it’s possible to make new, exciting and immediate instrumental music, inspired by Norwegian folk music. There is a long and multifaceted history behind this record, which is based on 40 years of experience with various musical genres. Streng combines elements from these genres and folk music from many parts of the world, with the guitar as the main focus.

By tuning the guitar in a particular way (CGCGCE) and combining guitar electronics (Roland VG-88) with the acoustic guitar sound, he creates a big acoustic sound with overtones and deep bass. This sound is inspired by the Norwegian “hardanger fiddle” (which has drone strings) and the Norwegian “langeleik”, similar to dulcimer. The Brazilian percussion player Celio De Carvallho plays on eight of the ten tracks and the Norwegian flute player Finn Evensen and fiddle player Magne Askeland also contributes on the record.

There are only two guitar players in Norway who are able to play like this: Knut Reiersrud and Roar Vangen“. This is what the famous Norwegian professor of keyboard Bjom Ole Rasch (Annbjorg Lien, Bukkene Bruse, Secret Garden) uttered when he first heard Roar Vangen play.

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