Tribal Beatz Of Africa

Tribal Beatz of Africa is a combination of traditional rhythms and percussion from around Africa. The energy and pulse of tribal beats combine with the talents of some of the top modern day African musicians and singers. The album is a collaboration between South African drummer and performer Barry van Zyl (Johnny Clegg band, performing credits with Mick Hucknal, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Robert Plant and Lenny Kravitz) and international composer and producer Robin Hogarth (Peter Gabriel, Soweto Gospel Choir)

The music also employs the talents of some of the band members and singers of the Johnny Clegg Band. Johnny Clegg, known in Europe as the White Zulu, is famed around the world for his Zulu-oriented brand of music, along with his deep appreciation of Zulu culture.

The heart of the album is the drum and percussion feel, which portrays the energy and pulse of tribal rhythms. These range from Gpema rhythms born in the South African Cape, through Congo rumba feels, Maskande (South African guitar music) offbeat rhythms, unusual West African feels, to other patterns. Utilizing these rhythms as a base, additional parts include various types of African vocals, pulsating bass lines, ethnic guitar feels, and moody use of ethnic instruments and percussion.

Authentic tribal instruments have been added, from bells to kalimbas and tuned drums, while other parts create different grooves, and panoramic, ancestral and evocative moods. Lyrics used are created sounds, built around authentic and traditional concepts and words, and are a tribute to the cultures and peoples from where the rhythmic ideas originate.

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