Gypsy Folk Innovator Titi Robin Releases DVD and Live CD

Paris, France – The 21st of November saw the appearance of Titi Robin’s new DVD and live CD package, Jivula (Naïve). for many in France, this was considered a major event as his status of legend is growing faster than ever.

While his CD contains a live performance recorded at the ‘Comète Concert Hall’ in September 2005, the DVD is filled with rarities indispensable to any fan.

It offers a photo gallery (musical slide show from a Louis Vincent’s photo report on Titi Robin and his fellow travelers), 2 documentaries (the story of a Gypsy snake charmer in the Rajasthan and a report on Titi Robin’s universe during an Andalusian journey), an exclusive musical and dance show of his partner Gulabi Sapera ‘Jivula’; and 8 live tracks by Titi Robin, played with various line ups.Described as a Gypsy party of exuberance and improvisation, Titi Robin’s exotic stage performance is like a gift to the eyes and ears. If you wish to have a unique experience, you can give it a try with Titi Robin as he will be passing by London in February 2007. The DVD/CD package is presently available in Belgium and Switzerland, and will also be in stores in Germany starting 2007.

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Author: World Music Central News Department

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