Algerian Actress Biyouna Is Back with a New CD

Paris, France – The idea for Biyouna ‘s latest release, ‘Blonde dans la Casbah’ (Blond in the Kasbah), on Naïve, had been floating around for some time. Biyouna took her time with the album, carefully choosing a Franco-Algerian repertoire that drew on both cultures.

‘Blonde dans la Casbah’ contains a luxurious musical universe with themes written by two major Algerian figures, traditional pieces and French tracks all sung with an ardent and distinctive voice.

All in all, her music spans the continents and encompasses, at one and the same time, kitsch rock, baroque blues, Arabic swing, reptilian funk and voluptuous pop: it is quite simply a superb collection of outstanding modern popular songs; confirming her status as a surprising star.The album was released in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and will soon come out in Algeria.

Biyouna is a truly original artist, who is not only a star in Algeria, but a very popular figure amongst the Algerian community in France.

She has acquired a legendary status throughout the years, being considered as the Queen of Algiers and princess of Paris. But the question still remains: what is it about her music, and her career; that makes her so liked?

First of all, Biyouna started out as a dancer and an actress. She acquired recognition in Algeria via many sitcoms and movies, before launching herself into music.

Throughout her career as a dancer and actress, music has always held a special place in Biyouna’s heart: she proved it with ‘Raid Zone’, a remarkable album that was released in 2001, and with a brilliant opening act performance for the comedian Fellag at the Opéra Comique in Paris two years later.

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