Ranchera Star Vicente Fernández Releases The Cowboy’s Tragedy

New York (NY), USA – On and off stage, the king of Mexico’s ranchera music is larger than life. And after keeping a somewhat low profile for the past few years, Vicente Fernández is back with an new album, La tragedia del Vaquero (SonyBMG).

Vicente Fernández’s effect in Mexico is akin to Frank Sinatra’s in the U.S. Fernández is known for songs that reflect his country’s spirit, sentiment and folk wisdom.

This album’s 14 songs are about love, tears and suffering, with the incomparable voice of Vicente Fernández making the listener feel every emotion.

The title track, “La Tragedia Del Vaquero,” is a dramatic corrido that relates the tale of a good man who reacts to an innocent misunderstanding with jealous desperation, and tragically ends up taking the lives of the two people who are dearest to him. Its video, directed by Luis de Velasco, was debuted during his Los Angeles concert run.

“Qué Chulada De Mujer” (What a Stunning Woman) is an exuberant celebration of the effect a gorgeous, vivacious woman can have on the opposite sex.

“La Mitad De Mi Vida” (The Middle of my Life) expresses the bitterness of a man who’s come to the horrible realization that the woman he loved all his life has betrayed him. On this song, Vicente Fernández is joined on harmonies by Felipe Arriaga, a mariachi maestro who recognized Fernández’s talent when he was still a struggling farm kid trying to make it in the big city. This is what ranchera music is all about – life’s struggles, tragedies, and triumphs, experiences which unite rich and poor, urban and rural, old and young.

The new CD follows the 2006 release of Fernández’s historic 3-CD boxed set The Living Legend, a collection of the artist’s favorite recordings.

La tragedia del Vaquero adds a new chapter to a truly legendary career that includes the Latin Grammy’s highest honor (Person of the Year 2002) and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Buy La tragedia del Vaquero and the boxed set The Living Legend.

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