Noor Inayat Khan Inspired CD

London born, New York based world-fusion songwriter and composer
Geoffrey Armes announced the release of

, his sixth solo CD, a suite of music inspired by the life and
death of Noor Inayat Khan (1914-44). Noor, an accomplished musician and writer
in her own right was the daughter of well-known Sufi commentator and musician
Hazrat Inyat Khan, and led an eventful, if short life, that ended in Dachau,
September 1944.

Hazrat Inayat Khan was a pacific Sufi musician, and so was his daughter, prior
to Hitler’s invasion of their adopted home country of France. Escaping to London
in 1940, Noor returned to her beloved Paris, as an Allied Spy. She was to die in
Dachau just over a year later. This is the story that has inspired the latest
release from Geoffrey Armes.
Geoffrey says, “Discovering the life – and death — of Noor Inayat Khan,
especially in the context of her father’s writing and work was something of a
call to action. Here was a woman in possession of ‘spiritual’ content or inner
reality, who had grown up in a tradition of beautiful words and music, who
voluntarily thrust herself into the middle of Europe’s coarsest mayhem of the
20th Century. Did she know what she was in for?” and adds “What does a
composer/poet/musician do with this response — he puts it into sound and lyrics

is available as a conventional CD

, and also via website downloads at and itunes.

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