Sparkling Sitar Recital By Sayeed Zafar Khan

Author: Ms Lakshmi

Chhattisgarh, formerly part of Madya Pradesh, became the 26th of the 28 states of the Indian federation on November 6, 2000. Known as the Rice Bowl of India, Chhattisgarh feeds foodgrains to as many as 600 rice mills within the state as well as in neighboring Madhyay Pradesh.

But that is not the end. Now, as part of their Celebrations on this 01of Nov – the resident Commissioner Dr. S.V. Prabath gave a surprise feast of a music concert – a cultural diplomacy as part of their annual day celebrations.

Sayeed Zafar Khan – of Delhi Gharana regaled the small but discerning gathering (mostly of senior Government bureaucrats and staff and officials connected with Chatisgarh) with his exquisite rendering.

Sayeed Zafar Khan – a chip of the old block – was born in a home where his cradle was literally surrounded by stalwarts of the Delhi Gharana like Ustad Chand Khan, Ustad Usman Khan Usdad Bundu Khan – only to name a few. His rendering exuded this vintage flavor and his own individualistic style. Khan sahib is a senior graded artist from the All India Radio, and also in the panel of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Khan sahib started off with a leisurely and elaborate raga allap in raga ‘Rageshwarikauns’ and warmed up to the vilambhit and druth and in Teen Tal.

His style blends the ‘tantrakari’ (instrumental virtuosity) with flashes of the Delhi Gharana Gayaki (vocalism).

Kahnsahib then chose rag Pilu in dadra, which he embellished with his deft mastery and was enjoyed by all and confirmed with a spontaneous applause.

Then there was a specific audience request for Raga Kalavathi, which also received the artist’s magic touch of tunefulness, tonality and rhythmic patterns in Rupak tal – 7 beats.

The concert was rounded off with a crisp raga Jaijaywanthi.

Young Rashid Khan, presently in the Music Faculty of the Delhi University, rendered a sparking Tabla accompaniment which added temo to the crisp and brief concert.

Whereas this gesture of a music concert was well received, there was a general wistful wish that there should be many more musical sessions.

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