Edi Fitzroy Signs Record Deal With San Jose Base Record Label King Step Recordings

San José (California), USA Edi Fitzroy, The King of Conscious Reggae, signed a multi-year record deal for his new album Hold The Vibes with San José based record label King Step Recordings. Jamaica and San Jose are not close to each other, but this unlikely pair work together in perfect harmony.

Adam Heller founder of King Step Recordings and Producer Joe Bressler are neighbors and form the nucleus of this winning team. Adam is also the founder of ReggaeDJ.com and has been serving the Reggae community since the late 80’s. Besides producing several albums for multiple artists, Joe founded Riddimbank.com, which boasts thousands of riddims. Joe also plays keyboards and was the heart of the Reggae band Massawa for many years. Massawa was known as the best Reggae backing band on the West Coast in the 90’s. Fitzroy’s first hit, “Miss Molly Colly’, broke into the Jamaican Top 10 in
1978 and the hits kept coming, including “African Religion”, “The Gun” and “Stylee”,
leading to a tour of the UK supporting punk group the Clash (The). He then put
out the massive hit “Check For You Once” (number one on the Jamaican Hit Parade
chart for four weeks), followed by “Youth Man In Penitentiary” and “Have You
Ever”. His hit ‘What A Trick’ spent 23 weeks on the Jamaican Hit Parade.

Edi received the Press Association of Jamaica Award in Recognition of his
contribution to the development of local (Jamaican music). He received the Award
for the Most Culturally- Orientated Artist in the 7th, 8th and 9th Annual
International Music Awards held in Miami, Chicago and Jamaica respectively. He
also received the Rockers Award for the Most Conscious Performer, after coming
out with a tribute crowing to women, titled ‘Princess Black’.

Hold The Vibes has been in the works for almost a decade and is being
compared to Edi’s best works. The album features a classic acoustic vibe and
superb vocals that are sure to last the test of time. It displays a conscious,
explosive and energetic Edi Fitzroy. Edi has always been a consummate artist. He
makes music for the love of music and the message it spreads. His messages are
always of love, peace and equal rights. The long awaited album will soon be

The Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is the main distributor for Edi
Fitzroy’s new album Hold The Vibes.

Hold The Vibes will be in stores coast to coast within weeks. IDC has
revolutionized the independent music distribution business as a whole. Using the
“Strength in Numbers” concept, and employing grassroots and industry tested
practices, IDC has created a whole new avenue for current and next generation
artists who are trying to bring their music to the public. To find out more
about IDC, visit their website

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