Cubanoson CD Release

Cubanoson is a traditional Cuban dance orchestra created by pianist Leonel
“Papo” Ortega. Their debut CD,

Recordando A Cuba
, consists of 10 selections of old style
traditional Cuban music. It includes 3 compositions by composer Silvio Cebrián,
(Monsieur José, En la Campiña and No Te Preocupes.) “Monsieur José” is a great
tune with a new arrangement that contains French lyrics and coros, for
Cubanoson’s French-speaking friends, and as a special treat, singer Ronnie Baro
added his unmistakable voice and French verbiage to introduce this song.

The CD also includes new arrangements of Lágrimas Negras, composed by Miguel
Matamoros, Que Mala Suerte, by Arsenio Rodríguez, and Mujeres de Mayarí,
composed by Francisco Repilado known as
to the music world.The last 4 songs are all original compositions. Son Bailadores, composed by
Mario J. Ortiz with music by Papo Ortega, resulted in the creation of an
old-style guaguancó. Two other songs, Guajiro Soy (a guajira), and the title
track Recordando a Cuba, a tribute to the 6 original Cuban provinces, were
co-written by Papo Ortega and Sergio Sori. Finally, the introductory song, Son
Cubanoson is a son montuno written by Papo to introduce the Cubanoson orchestra
to the world.

Leonel “Papo” Ortega is a musically inspired pianist and composer. He has
enjoyed the privilege of working alongside several exceptional musicians, among
them, Roberto Rodriguez, Chico Alvarez, Junior Rivera, José Fajardo and Cándido
Camero. Cubanoson unites the Punto Cubano and the Son Montuno.

The purpose of this orchestra is to unite the talent and dedication of
excellent contemporary musicians, (true exponents of our roots), to offer and
express our traditional Cuban music to all cultural venues.


Recordando A Cuba

Author: basketball7854