Wiki Music Fan Site Created For Music Lovers, By Music Lovers Is Now Online

WikiWebGuide LLC launches the newest and comprehensive Wiki of mainstream and
independent musical artists and their works. The website can be found at The
online community gives pages regular updates designed to promote artists and
musicians all over the world.

WikiMusicGuide (WMG) features artists, bands, songs, albums and a compilation of
newsworthy events in the music world. Any music fan and site visitor may be the
featured user. Visitors and regulars may edit the artists’ pages to update or
share factual information, give their own reviews and ratings on albums and
tracks. Participation of WMG visitors is welcomed and encouraged through the Forum,
Talk Pages and joining Working Groups. A Number One Fan will be chosen by WMG
for the most active editors for their favorite musical artist’s or band’s page.
Use of the site is free; users need only to sign up.

The site gives more than just definitions and encyclopedic information, but
trivia, current ratings and reviews as well. A creative and upbeat flow with the
element of fun is evident in the site’s content. This is a one stop music
resource where music fans will be filled in on the latest buzz on their favorite

Independent artists will have access to their pages and keep their fans
updated on their current works and upcoming tours. “Every visit of the WMG
site is a definite learning, participating and improving experience for the user

Author: Carlipidis