Camael Presents Moravian Folk Renovations

Camael - Camael
Camael – Camael

Camael (MG Indies Records) is the title of the new album by the group that bears the same name. The music association Camael (named after Camael – the archangel of God’s justice and interpersonal relations, protector that gives us determination and willpower to fulfill our life task…) was formed by the combination of female vocal trio Triny and a quintet of instrumentalists. Together they combine different musical genres, from classical music to jazz.

What all artists have in common is enthusiasm and passion for traditional folk music – in particular Moravian, Slovak and Gypsy folk music. Moravian love songs from the collection “Moravian Folk Songs” of František Sušil from 1860 and the collection “New Folk Songs of František Bartoš” from 1882 rank among inspiration sources that this ensemble interprets and develops.

There are also Slovak songs from the region of Těrchová and Topolčany, collected by Leoš Janáček himself and by his co-workers Františka Kyselková and Hynek Bím, and others.

The author of the basic framework of instrumental arrangements is Pavel Fischer (first violin of Škampa quartet). The overall sound is then made up by all members of the association. Considerable space is also left for improvisation. The triple voice form is mainly the work of Iveta Kováčová.

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