Let’s Share Cultures Festival – Budapest

The festival Let’s Share Cultures in Budapest intends to bring
together two different cultures at the same time, in the same space. It aims at
sharing knowledge, emotions, ideas, feelings and habits. “Getting together
two countries means open doors

Portugal will come to encounter Hungary and together, in a free and relaxed
way, intend to create 2 days of different cultural activities. The idea is to
expose new artists from both countries in different areas is a challenge, but it
will also be a trip around their typical habits, as well as the presentation of
some non-governmental organizations existing in both countries.


Thursday, 28th September

6.00pm – photo exhibition and NGO’s presentation – start

7.30pm – films/documentaries. movies from Portugal and Hungary

10.00pm – concerts.

(pt) + trinity (hu)

Friday, 29th September

2.00pm – photo exhibition and ngo’s presentation – doors open

7.30pm – films/documentaries. from Portugal and Hungary

9.00pm – poems and piano. Estilhaços by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal and António
Rafael (PT)

10.00pm – concerts. Umpletrue (pt) + Kaukázus(hu) e.z. basic (hu)

0.30am – Dj party session. Dj kanada káosz (hu) + naiv dj session (pt)

The concerts will be held at Budapest , IX. Tuzoltó Utca. 54-56

Author: Lestat