Hassan Hakmoun at HotHouse in Chicago October 13

Legendary Gnawa musician

Hassan Hakmoun
will be performing at Chicago’s HotHouse in October. Gnawa
music’s integration of African rhythms and sensibility has been compared to the
Blues and Santeria, but the Moroccan context produced a unique sound.

By age four,

Hassan Hakmoun
performed alongside snake charmers and fire-breathers on
Marrakech streets. Out of these origins came an emissary infused with Gnawa
music as well as rock and funk.

When: 10/13/06 @9pm
Where: HotHouse – 31 E. Balbo Dr. Chicago, IL 60605 (Harrison red
Tickets: Call 312.362.9707 or www.hothouse.net

Author: manumusic