Seven Strings and a Reverberating Voice- Harikumar & Bhavadhaarini

Review by: Anandhi Anand

Thrilled & enthusiastic to watch Sri S. Harikumar playing the 7-string violectra instrument. Amazing it was as he could go and produce bass chords effects so easily on this instrument.

There were about 7 pieces in the two and a half hour concert and it was a very new concept-Carnatic Music on 7 strings and with vocals as accompaniment.

The Abogi piece that marked the beginning was much welcomed by the audience. The main piece in Mohanam and the Vasantha pieces were really captivating.

Sri D A Srinivas on mrudhangam was excellent and it was an amazing event. Sri. Harikumar on Tabla was matching frame to frame with Srinivas.

The highlight was Ms. Bhavaadharini who did a commendable job of being vocal support to this concert on D scale. It is indeed difficult to compare the speed levels which can be attained on an instrument to that of a vocal artist but Bhavadhaarini was really good in matching almost all the possible phrases with her amazing voice.

The venue was in Chennai on September 10th Sunday at Shrinivasa Shastry hall and from 6 pm onwards. The event managers were

I wish there are more such performances to showcase the most talented. Kudos to S.Harikumar , D.A.Shrinivas and Bhavadhaarini.

S.Harikumar has his official website at

A.Bhavadhaarini is a Carnatic Classical Vocalist based in Chennai India who collaborates with many fusion bands and newer thoughts and challenges. She is a disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt. D.K.Pattammal. Some information is also available about her in and in

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