Shiv Kumar Sharma Will Perform at Benefit Concert for Children in India

Shiv Kumar Sharma and Rahul Sharma
Shiv Kumar Sharma and Rahul Sharma
New York (NY), USA – Asha for Education (“Asha”), a non-profit, secular organization, dedicated to supporting children’s education in India presents a Santoor recital concert featuring the maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and Rahul Sharma. The concert will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 5:00pm at Fashion Institute of Technology’s Haft auditorium in Manhattan.

Santoor is a folk instrument from the Kashmir Valley in India and Pandit Sharma is one of its best known performers. He is often credited with single handedly making Santoor a popular classical music instrument and is a recipient of many awards. He is among a hallowed list of Indian classical instrumental players and has in his illustrious career shared center stage with luminaries like Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.
…to me, music is not for entertainment. It was my life-long dream to play such kind of music which will make the listeners forget to clap; which will make them silent”, Pandit Sharma explains. Going by the accolades he has received at various points in his distinguished career, Pandit Sharma has certainly fulfilled his dream and has provided many an hour of soothing and mesmerizing music to his faithful legion of followers.

Rahul Sharma, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma’s son, is an aspiring Santoor player and brings a refreshing variation to Santoor recital and might one day be credited, just like his father, as an artist that redefined and raised the bar for future generation of Santoor players.

All proceeds from this concert will be allocated to support Asha’s many deserving projects in India. Some of them include: a school for children of landless laborers in West Bengal, an orphanage in Tamil Nadu, and a “School on Wheels” in Mumbai. Asha for Education was founded in 1991, and today, there are over 66 Asha chapters worldwide which have supported approximately 100,000 children to date. In 2005, Asha for Education raised over $2.3 million which is being used to fund over 200 education-related projects in India.

Event Details:
Tickets: $31, $41, $51, $81, $101 and $151.
Available online at:

Venue: Fashion Institute of Technology’s Haft Auditorium @ 227 West 27th
Street. NY – 10001.

For more information, contact Abhishek Rathi at
or 848-203-1505.

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