WOMEX/IMZ World Music Film Screenings Announced

Accordion Tribe
Accordion Tribe
Berlin, Germany – WOMEX announced the world music films that will be screened at the annual world music conference.

1) Accordion Tribe (Documentary, 2004, Switzerland); TV Director, Author: Stefan Schwietert
Five highly individual musicians from different countries get together to form the “Accordion Tribe” and achieve the seemingly impossible: to return their long disregarded instrument to the worldwide recognition it once enjoyed as a powerhouse of emotions.

2) Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabatéthe Hotel Mandé Sessions
(Documentary, 2006, UK); Director: John Leonard
The Hotel Mandé Sessions is a three-part series featuring two of Africa’s greatest musicians, the late Ali Farka Touré and the kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté. The albums were recorded by World Circuit using a mobile studio in the Hotel Mandé, on the banks of the Niger River in Bamako, Mali. Nick Gold of World Circuit to appear for Q&A after screening.3) As Old As My Tongue (Documentary, 2006, UK/Zanzibar); TV Director: Andy Jones
Bi Kidude is a living legend on her home island of Zanzibar.A favorite of sultans, presidents and sailors, her story is remarkable; challenging our perception of age (she’s ninety-three), and of women in a Muslim society.

4) If only a Lament (Documentary, 2005, Spain); Director: Fernanda de France
Luna, an amateur director, meets Chico Ocaña after a live concert of his band, Mártires del Compás, in Barcelona. She makes a documentary about flamenco in the 21st century, touring with the group to different countries, learning about Flamenco and the basic “cantes”.

5) Like Air to Breathe (Documentary, 2005, Germany); TV Director,
Author: Ruth Olshan
Georgia is situated in the borderland between occident and orient. The film portrays musicians who work with different approaches: a male choir searching and cultivating old folk songs, a female choir, a school dance company and musicians who enhance Georgian folk music.

6) Like an Ambassador of their People (Documentary, 2005, Germany);
Director, Author: Hans-Jörg Heinrich
Senegalese rappers are the political voices of their generation. The film focuses on the committed attitude of Senegalese rappers in interviews, concerts, rehearsals, including commentaries of friends
and members of their families.

7) Link TV’s Best Video Finds of 2006 (Assorted Videos, compiled 2005, USA)
It’s becoming a WOMEX tradition. For the third year in a row, US-based Link TV will present its “Best Video Finds” of the past year. Entries from Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Mexico, Cape Verde and beyond.

8) Music of the Alps — The Alphorn (Documentary, 2006, Switzerland);
Director: Stefan Schwietert
The fascinating history of Switzerland’s signature instrument — it’s tradition, but also it’s misuse by the tourist industry and the rediscovery of this instrument by a new generation of musicians. Three
influential innovators are accompanied to various venues across the

9) Sound of the Soul (Documentary, 2005, USA); Director, Author: Stephen Olsson
A timely, thought-provoking cinematic journey of unity, understanding, and most of all, hope, offering viewers a multi-layered portrait of both an open-minded Arab city and Morocco’s Fez Festival of World Sacred Music – an exceptional event that invites Muslim, Christian and
Jewish men and women to perform.

10) Talam Vietnam (Documentary, 2006, Italy) ; TV Director : Roberto Minini-Meròt
Volume six of “Talam”, a series of documentary music films. Portrays Vietnamese “classical” music, folk, possession rites, court dances, country festivals, stately theatre and street plays, all interspersed with breathtakingly beautiful images of the country.

11) The Highland Sessions (Documentary, 2005, UK); TV Director: Mike Alexander
A celebration of the historical and contemporary relationship between Scottish and Irish Gaelic song. Two linked traditions filmed at a beautiful old farmstead near Killiecrankie in the Perthshire
Highlands. Great music, great setting.

12) World Music Charts Europe on TV (Assorted videos, compiled 2006, Spain)
A televised edition of the World Music Charts Europe’s (WMCE) list of the 10 best world music CDs selected each month and broadcast by the public television of Catalonia (TVC)

Author: World Music Central News Department

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