Dromedary Expands to a Quartet and Presents New Album

Dromedary - Dromedary Quartet
Dromedary – Dromedary Quartet
American world music band Dromedary has expanded from a duo to a quartet. On their new CD, Dromedary Quartet, the group dynamically weaves its way in and out of traditional ethnic string band textures (including Appalachian, Andean, Turkish, Flamenco, Fado, Klezmer) with all the fluidity and spontaneity of jazz. Adding bassist Neal Fountain and drummer Jeff Riley to the acoustic sounds of Dromedary (the duo), Dromedary Quartet’s performances are globetrotting, daring and imaginative.

Dromedary brings together pre-existing traditions to create something unique – a world music style that’s unapologetically American. Dromedary has toured the US and Europe extensively, both as a duo and with songwriter/flatpick guitarist Jonathan Byrd. They’ve released 3 intimate records featuring the guitar, Bolivian charango, mandolin, Turkish cumbus and Appalachian dulcimer, and have been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and Mountain Stage.

Though just a two-man instrumental show, presenters around the country have found Dromedary’s show worthy of being on the bill with everyone from Cuban lute master Barbarito Torres to jam-band Sound Tribe Sector 9, jazzman Dave Douglas, Cajun fiddler Michael Doucet and bluegrass dobro ace Jerry Douglas. vigorously making new music, recording, touring, and selling thousands of CDs out of their trunk to fuel their creative output, which is by no means mainstream. With the addition of a world-class rhythm section (featuring bassist Neal Fountain and percussionist Jeff Reilly), Dromedary Quartet is now a full-fledged band.

With the addition of bassist Neal Fountain and drummer Jeff Reilly, Dromedary Quartet puts forth a more sophisticated, urban sound, as if the peasants just descended upon the city and began playing along.

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