Reggaeton Cuba Compilation CD

Malecon Music has released
Reggaeton Cuba, the latest in their collection of
“Authentic Cuban Music” by “Authentic Cuban Artists.” The CD includes Eddy K,
Christian Alonso, Conexion and Combinacion.

From the streets and barrios of Havana to all points north, east, south and west
of the largest Caribbean island, the sound of
Reggaeton is popular.

Track list:

1- La Habana 4:36
2- Deja Que Se Ponga Bravo 3:50 Conexión 3:50
3- Señorita 3:19
4- El Problema 3:49
5- Látigo 3:07
6- Te Espero 3:38
7- Llego 4:29
8- Zorra 3:19
9- A Quitarnos La Ropa 3:36
10- Mi Negra 4:15
11- Como Tu No Hay Dos 3:01
12- Marina 3:09

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