Cuchata to release second cd "Sangre Mixto"

Seattle Latin-Alternative band Cuchata is soon to release there second full length release on their own label Eleggua Productions. Cuchata has grown musically, as has their intense desire to constantly update and hybridize their sound. Cuchata now performs as a five piece with Sam Wambach on saxophones and Josh Stewart on trumpet. They are consistently striving to craft music that defies genres on one hand, yet fits neatly into many on the other. Their newest release “Sangre Mixto” shows the diversity of their style, and their ability to integrate ancient and modern influences into a cohesive blend of original compositions. Falling somewhere between the traditional and the experimental, Cuchata’s music is the very definition of Latin Alternative music, and arguably the only band of its kind in Seattle. Their entirely original compositions join afro-latin traditions with elements of rock, hip-hop, drum and bass, avante-garde jazz, dub reggae, afrobeat, and more.

Certainly not a latin-jazz band, by no means salsa, rock en español, or cumbia, Cuchata borrows from all these genres and blends them with a rare fluency. Cuchata was born out of guitarist/singer/songwriter Marcelo E. Quiñonez’s 1999 pilgrimage to his ancestral Nicaragua. There he discovered and fell under the spell of the richness of the country’s musical heritage. Upon his return to the USA, he combined his new-found knowledge with his love of other Afro-Latin traditions to fashion a musical expression of his own. Joined by bassist Cody Rahn and percussionist Bryan Cook, Quiñonez formed Cuchata as a fascinating amalgam of Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba and Colombia, with Caribbean-side Central American vocal flavors and Pampas rhythms from Paraguay and Argentina.

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