Fascinating Concert by Dr. Vasanthy K. Rao

Author: Ms. Lakshmi

The Indian classical music is an enchanting world, more so the Carnatic
Classical music system. One continues to marvel with awe if it is a sublime Art
Form or an exquisite scientific system of swaras. Be that what it may and
leaving it to the academicians, the Carnatic Music system is strongly linked to
religion in good measure. The Shri Subha Siddhi Vinayaka Mandhir Society, Mayur
Vihar Delhi, (India) is celebrating the Maha Kumbhabishekam function (sacred
installation and consecration ceremony) in connection with the installation of
Lord Subramanya with his consorts Valli and Devayanai this month. Not
surprisingly they have launched a month long festival of Carnatic Music.

The grand inauguration was by no less than Dr. Vasanthi Krishna Rao a very
eminent musician from Delhi. Dr Vasanthi Rao is a consummate artist. She hails
from a distinguished family of musicians. She is the daughter of Late Shri
Kumaraswamy, the former professor in the Government college of Music, Trivandrum
– an eminent Musician and Musicologist. Thus born and groomed in a musical
environment she does credit to her lineage by a continued creditable career in
music. She is presently a Reader in the Music Department of the Delhi

Gifted with a very melodious and rich voice she gave a scintillating concert on
2 July 2006 (Sunday) and delighted the very discerning audience. Erudition and
sublime diction mark her renderings.

The concert started off with a crisp Varnam ‘Mana Mohana” in raga Mohanam, a
composition of Muthaiah Bhagavathar, which set the tempo right from the start.
This was followed by an invocation kriti on Lord Vinayaka – Vigneswara – in raga
Arabi, a composition of Tulasivanam. All the ensuing ragas Begada, Hamir Kalyani,
Karaharapriya, Dharbar, Varamu etc were restricted to short raga alapanas
keeping in view the occasion and time constraints – none the less – the brief
renderings were immaculate, adequate and appreciable.

Most of the compositions were on Lord Muruga to celebrate the ongoing special
event. The swaraprastaras and raga delineations were replete with her pithy
erudition and skillful articulation. And when it came to Raga Hamir Kalyani – a
Hindustani flavored raga, she stunned the audience with a masterly display of
her voice reaches and versatility.

Dr. Vasnthy Rao got able support on the accompaniments, by Mr. R. Saravanan on
the violin and on the Mridangam by Mr. K. Sriram.

The mesmerized audience had to get up reluctantly in a dazed condition after
partaking of a delightful and masterly concert.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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