Inner Thoughts

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Inner Thoughts (2006)

The latest production by Spanish composer, Rodrigo Rodriguez consists of a
mix of the East and West, creating a single kind of music using traditional
Asian and western instruments. The album includes the healing melodies of
Spanish singer Cristina Brunet, as well as shakuhachi flute, and acoustic
guitar, making the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable.

Largely acoustic instrumental compositions are enhanced with some vocal and
electronic additions. Inner thoughts features clean guitar work, soothing
flutes and delicate, tuneful melodies.

There are tracks of beautiful simplicity where Rodrigo’s shakuhachi flute
playing wafts in dreamy streamers across deft finger picking or lullaby
strumming – the Japanese origins of this instrument bringing an Asian serenity.

Cristina Brunet’s voice brings a somewhat new-age sweetness to a number of
pieces – singing in English, yet with a distinctly non-English flavor –
drifting, slightly mournful.

Other variations include subtle electronic warmth, udu rhythms, the
deep sonorous drone of a didgeridoo – these multicultural elements combined
artfully to create a truly delightful unity.

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