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Whole Tribe Sings - History of Hard Luck
Whole Tribe Sings – History of Hard Luck

There is a vibrant pop-rock group of singer-songwriters emerging from Northern Ireland called The Whole Tribe Sings because each musician lends a strong voice to the mix. With their dynamic melodies and stirring intelligent lyrics they are writing, singing and recording energetic music that undoubtedly offers a sound one might describe as world-rock.

The stirring harmonies and brilliant arrangements of their songs resonate the sounds of Irish history, drawn from a people that have clung to its culture through its music.

Early in 1998 BrassBooty Records first learned of the band, then known as The Screaming Bin Lids. The Screaming Bin Lids, originally made up of four friends from Derry, had already won the respect of their community. Intrigued by the quality, passion and the magnitude of their music both culturally and musically, the record company debuted the band in the United States touring them up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to Boston, including two great shows at the world famous C.B.G.B.’s in New York.

After the band returned to Ireland in 1999, BrassBooty released a second EP called “Happy”. The band’s potential was quickly recognized when the infectiously singable title song, “Happy,” was featured in an advertising campaign sponsored by Guinness Corporation, maker of Harp Lager. This “Common Ground” radio campaign became familiar fare over the airwaves in seven US cities — including Boston, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago — during the summer of 1999.

The Whole Tribe Sings creates their music against the backdrop of Ireland which has continually produced some of the greatest artistic talent in the world including internationally renowned musicians such as Van Morrison, U2, The Chieftains and The Corrs.

The Whole Tribe Sings’ new CD, titled “History of Hard Luck,” is now available for $11.00 USD at and

This 10 song album has 4 previously unreleased tracks and chronicles the history of this very special band that has warmed the hearts of so many around the world. Look for Declan McLaughlin’s new CD coming out in a few months. Also, Paddy Nash is back in the studio working on a solo project.

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