Indian and Japanese Music Concert for Sitar and Shamisen in Tokyo

(PRWEB) – A groundbreaking and imaginative event will bring two
musical traditions together in a concert presented by Darshanam in Tokyo on 30
June 2006 in Meguro Persimmon Hall located in Meguro City, Tokyo, Japan.

In a rare convergence of cultures featuring the sitar from India and the
Shamisen from Japan the concert titled New Wave Part 1 has grown from a
unique collaboration of Indian and Japanese traditional music. It is the first
ever attempt at a fully improvised traditional Indian composition on the three
stringed shamisen to reveal an interesting perspective of its scope and
capability while presenting the multitude of melodic variations for the sitar
harmonizing with another stringed instrument.

Those who know about these two instruments are aware of the vast differences
in their performance styles and limitations. To bring about the merging of these
instruments has been a musical challenge to the artists to make this event truly

Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh internationally acclaimed sitarist will perform with
Oyama san, a Tsugaru shamisen exponent in a melody specifically composed for the
event. Tabla (Indian drums) accompaniment is by Sakasegawa san.

This concert is supported by the following organizations: Indian Embassy, India
Tourism Department, India Trade Promotion Office, Indo-Japanese Association and
the Tokyo Marathi Mandal from Tokyo and the Indian Merchants Association from

The voluntary organization Darshanam has promoted Indian culture and traditions
in Japan since 1991, their major activities focusing on Ayurveda and traditional
Indian music. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of healthy living, has
been disseminated through lectures and demonstrations. Traditional Indian music
has been experienced through performances as well as activities such as
individual and group therapeutic music sessions including those for mentally and
physically challenged persons.

The Darshanam organization in turn supports the charitable trust named Bharatiya
Sanskriti Darshan Trust in Pune, India. It is an
organization dedicated to the propagation of traditional Indian sciences, arts
and culture.

Currently pre-sale tickets are at JPY 5,500 available with Ticket Pia Centers
and online at their URL P code is 227-048. Tickets may also be
purchased at convenience stores such as Circle K, Family Mart, Sunkus and 7-11.

On 15 December 2006 New Wave Part 2 will be presented as a second concert
extending musical relations of the sitar to traditional Japanese instruments,
this time with the koto to be played by Ms. Fuyuki Enokido.

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