WOMEX Announces Second Round of Showcase Selections

Berlin, Germany – A second set of artists selected to showcase at
this year’s WOMEX showcase in Sevilla have been announced.

– Aynur (Turkey)
– Boom Pam (Israel)
– Brina (Slovenia)
– Hamilton de Holanda (Brazil)
– Homayun Sakhi (Afghanistan / USA)
– Kassa├» All Stars (Congo)
– Menwar (Mauritius Island)
– Patriarcas de la Rumba (Spain)
– Sergent Garcia (France)
– Tcheka (Cape Verde / Portugal)
– DJ Click (France)

Some of the judges talk about the experience:

Before we started I was afraid about our capacity to listen to
,” Hanna Gorjaczkowska (Poland/Belgium) said at the start of
the second day. “But in the end, it wasn’t so difficult, I must say…It’s important to have a jury, to have people from different places
who have very different views. It’s not only a matter of tastes, but
approaches to bands. A record company [Hanna is a director of Crammed
Discs] has a different approach to a band than a concert promoter or
to a journalist

I listen to a lot of music as a journalist,” said Jordi Urpi (Spain),
the editor of Spanish world music magazine Batonga!. “At the office, while traveling, from work to
home and back, at home, so I’m used to this. But listening for WOMEX
is different. It’s important to get a feeling with the other jury
members. I try to choose first of all things that interest me, but
then when we have to narrow down the selection, I think more about the
event. I’m a journalist, but WOMEX is also for booking agencies,
festivals, record companies, so I’m also thinking about the public for
whom our selection is intended

Author: World Music Central News Department

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