A Look at African Film Music

France – Buda Records continues with its Africavision series with
Africavision Volume 2: 50 ans de cinéma africain (CD 3017265 ). This
second volume of the Africavision series relates the story of African film
music. It spans fifty years of the youngest cinema in the world, a cinema of
powerful stories and warm-hearted images: radiant faces despite the poverty,
hope and solidarity despite the pain, humor, love and mockery. The album includes music by Diogal Sakho (Senegal) Mulatu Astatqé (Ethiopia),
Tom Yom’s (Cameroon), Ali Wague (Guinea), Henri Guédon (Martinique), Kouyaté
Sory Kandia (Guinea), Georges Anderson (Cameroon), Francis Bebey (Cameroon),
Xalam (Senegal), Jacques Loubélo (Congo), Philip Nikwé (Benin), Zao (Congo),
Nicolas Baby (France), Lamine Konté (Senegal), Bill de Sam (Guinea), Ingamadji
Mujos (Chad).

Author: World Music Central News Department

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