The Hidden Message by Da Vinci Vox

Inspired by the global phenomenon of the book The Da Vinci Code, as well as grail and templar lore,

The Hidden Message
features Gregorian chants and orchestrations that bridge the gap
between the traditional and modem, acoustic and electric.

The Hidden Message
by Da Vinci Vox is the
brainchild of French producer Serge Mazeres, who imagined, composed,
and directed the project. With performances by well-known international artists
wishing to remain in the shadows, the music and accompanying CD book “contain
clues and hints that unlock the secret code which has been buried for centuries

This enhanced CD
also contains photographs of “highly symbolic locations usually reserved
exclusively to members of the Royal Arch.”

Selling millions of copies since its 2003 release and riding high on the New
York Times bestseller list for over 160 weeks and counting, Dan Brown’s

The Da Vinci Code
has captivated the world with its thrilling web
of intrigue, history, and art. The film, starring two-time Academy Award winner
Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, and lan McKellan, directed by Ron Howard, was released
in 2006.


The Hidden Message

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