Tribal Electronica Duo Mezklah Touring US south in June

Los Angeles (California), USA –
Summer’s going to be a lot hotter this year in the American Southwest, as Los
Angeles-based critical and fan favorites Mezklah – the duo renowned for having
created their own genre, “tribal electronica” – will be bringing their unique
musical stylings across the Mojave and all the way to Tennessee, in a five-city
tour this June.

Expect the duo’s irresistible music to be heard reverberating across the desert
as they tear into tunes from their new CD,

Spider Monkey
. The band will be making
rapid-fire stops in Phoenix (Arizona), El Paso (Texas), Austin (Texas), Memphis
(Tennessee), and
Albuquerque (New Mexico), hitting five cities in just six days.Mezklah will have just returned to the country, having spent the month of May on
a tour of the European continent. With their whip-crack attack of Angel Garcia’s
sung/spoken English/Spanish lyrics and Greg Hernandez’ sonic guitar blasts,
audiences across the Border States can expect to be blown away.

Angel and Greg are especially excited about their rapid trek across the desert
and the stops they have chosen for this lightning-fast tour. “Mezklah has always
been about exploring different cultures, learning about the things that make
them special and then adding it all in to the ‘Mezklah’ mix. Each of the cities
we’ll be stopping at has its own unique culture – and we’re ready to experience
all of them. And we look forward to the chance to share our music with brand new
audiences that are looking for something different and that they’ve likely never
heard before


June 14 – Phoenix, AZ
June 15 – El Paso, TX
June 16 – Austin, TX
June 17 – Memphis, TN
June 19 – Albuquerque, NM

Author: World Music Central News Department

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