Levi’s Sunday Jam in Bangalore

Bangalore, India- Levi’s Sunday jam is a live interactive event regularly held on the
first Sunday of every month in Bangalore by Guruskool to create a platform to
promote original music. It is a hot bed of creativity where all the Bangalore
bands are born and nourished. Now in its second decade, every Sunday Jam has a
featured and established band at prime time, like Kingstar, the rock band from
Finland who with their electrifying energy and guitar; Prasanna, the Jazz &
Carnatic virtuoso now based in Boston, who had the heavy metal heads lapping up
the Carnatic complexities and they have given a new momentum and direction to
the local music scene.

Being a regular monthly event, it has developed a dedicated cult following.
“Sunday Jam believes that originality has certainly proved to be valuable;
without it no progress or evolution would ever have been possible. It’s all
about the ever changing innovation and originality of music that keeps it real
and true.”

The June Levi’s Sunday Jam will be held on 4th June at Chowdiah Memorial
Hall, Vyalikaval, Bangalore from 5 PM. It features the Apernit Singh Live
Projeckt, and Blood Covenant from Chennai along with the hugely talented bands
like Kcor, Seedy G, Box Guitars, Jynxt, Flame, Junkyard Groove from Chennai, and
C-Sharp to name a few.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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