2006 seminars at Musical Workshop Labyrinth, Crete, Greece

Greece – Musical Workshop Labyrinth presents the 2006 seminars program. With more than 20 seminars and master classes taught by musicians from several musical traditions, Labyrinth maintains its high quality in traditional music education. This summer opens with a triple seminar on Cretan Lyra by Zacharis Spyridakis, Turkish kemence by Derya Turkan and Sokratis Sinopoulos and Gadulka and Bulgarian music by Georgi Petrov.

The seminars cost only 220E and the price includes the seminar’s fee and 6-night accommodation in the village of Houdetsi. (discounts up to 20% apply for students that attend more than one seminar, and all the Composition and Orchestration seminars cost 150E). For all the details about 2006 seminars check www.labyrinthmusic.gr.

June 26-July 1 Cretan Lyra by Zacharis Spyridakis
June 26-July 1 Turkish kemence by Derya Turkan and Sokratis Sinopoulos
June 26-July 1 Gadulka and Bulgarian music by Georgi Petrov
July 3 – 8 Cretan Laouto by Georgis Xylouris
July 3 – 8 Saz by Mehmet Erenler
July 10-15 Vocal technic of Bulgarian Music by Tsvetanka Varimezova & Ivan
July 10-15 Afghan rabab and the musical tradition of Afghanistan by Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz
July 17-22 Tar, setar, radif by Dariush Talai
July 17-22 Mamak Khadem, Iranian vocals
July 24-29 Ballake Sissoco, cora
July 24-29 Goksel Baktagir, kanun
July 24-29 Nedim Nalbantoglou, violin
July 31- August 5 Ross Daly, Composition and Orchestration
August 7-12 Tombak by Pedram Khavar Zamini
August 7-12 Ney by Omer Erdogdular
August 14-19 Ney by Omer Erdogdular
August 14-19 Lavta by Periklis Papapetropoulos
August 21-26 Tabla and sitar by Nayan Ghosh
August 28- September 2 Arabic oud by Naseer Shamma

Contact information:
Musical Workshop Labyrinth
Tel/fax: 0030 2810 741027
Houdetsi Pediados
70 100
Heraklion, Crete

Author: kellythoma