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Tandava - Tandava
Tandava – Tandava
Tandava (independent release)

I discovered the Vancouver World Music Collective (VWMC) at the 2003 Vancouver Folk Music Festival and I was impressed the first time I saw this collective of traditional musicians from far-flung parts of the world. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of reviewing CDs of VWMC members.

Tandava is the brainchild of South Asian multi-instrumentalist and composer Prashant John, but like VWMC, Prashant collaborates with multicultural musicians. Lan Tung who specializes in traditional Chinese vocals and is a virtuoso on a Chinese fiddle, erhu and percussionist Jonathan Bernard of Orchid Ensemble join this collaboration along with tabla player/percussionist, Stefan Cihelka. The result is a gorgeous disc featuring polyphonic marimba, tabla, erhu, bamboo flutes, guitar, various vocal traditions and I’m sure that I’m leaving out an array of instruments in this description. It’s all here, Taiwan, North Africa, India, Indonesia etc… For those who have been looking for a succinct description for “world music,” this is it.<

All these musicians have performed with various genres and types of musicians. For instance, Lan Tung has performed with Gypsy, Indian, Celtic, Jewish, blues, rock and Vietnamese musicians.

Prashant has collaborated with musicians from India, Bangladesh, South East Asia and North America. And both percussionists, Bernard and Cihelka have run the gamut from folk to classical music traditions of the world.

You cannot even imagine what this music sounds like, nor can I describe it to you other than saying it has a sonic beauty and that the weave of polyphonic percussion and exotic instruments in the hands of virtuosos should not be missed. For more information go to,

(are any labels out there seeking an ambitious project?)

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