Albanian Star Simaku Releases Her First US Album and Donates CDs to Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

New York, USA – Simaku has released her new CD,

Echoes From Iliria
(Jehone nga Iliria), in the United States.
Parashqevi Simaku is giving her new album to Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia for

Echoes From Iliria (Jehone nga Iliria) is a 10-song CD
featuring Simaku’s modern “popullore” music in the Albanian language. Simaku
will be doing a promotional tour in conjunction with Borders Books & Music where
she will perform live and sign autographs.When Simaku signed the music contract in Hollywood, she kept all the rights for
the territories of Albania, Kosova and Macedonia out of the deal. The following
is an official statement from Parashqevi Simaku: “At this time, I would like
to announce that without hesitation I grant the rights to manufacture and
distribute my new 10-song album in Albanian language,

Echoes From Iliria
(Echoes from Iliria) to Albania, Kosova and
Macedonia for free

The folk songs belong to my people and these songs have made me who I am. I,
Parashqevi Simaku, give to all the music stores and radio televisions of
Albania, Kosova and Macedonia the rights to sell, use, and distribute my album
Jehone nga Iliria (Echoes
From Iliria
). In Albania, I have already given away 250 original
masters of the CD that were manufactured by Sony/BMG in the United States

This is a gift from me and my husband and producer Robert Nolfe as a
contribution to preserve Albanian music

Author: World Music Central News Department

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