The Rough Guide to the Music of Israel

San Francisco (California), USA –
The Rough Guide collection has released The
Rough Guide to the Music of Israel
this month in North America.

Israeli music reflects the diversity of its people and combines
European influences, including Sephardic, Russian and Yiddish folk songs, with
Arabic and Palestinian folk music and the energetic rhythms of Yemen and North
Africa. Featuring many of the nation’s musical giants such as

Ofra Haza

Chava Alberstein
, The Rough Guide To The Music Of Israel presents a snapshot of
a fascinating and continually evolving musical culture.

Rough Guide to the Music of Israel
(RGNET1168CD) includes Tea Packs,

Ofra Haza

Kol – Oud – Tof Trio
, Idan Raichel’s

Bustan Abraham
, Shlomo Bar & David D’Or,

Chava Alberstein
, Arik
Einstein, Yasmin Levy, Israeli Andalusian Orchestra,

Yair Dalal
& The Alol Ensemble,

Emil Zrihan
, Zehava Ben and Hadag Nahash

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