The Rough Guide to Urban Latino

San Francisco (California), USA –

Rough Guide to Urban Latino
focuses on rap from Colombia, rock nacional from Argentina, Cuban ska, Mexican electronica,
reggaeton [other times spelled reguetón] and hip-hop from all over, The Rough Guide To Urban Latino contains
some of the most stirring artists in the genre.

From Bogotá to Rio, urban life across Latin America is a struggle for most but
the elite few. Wrapped up in killer dancefloor fillers, the music resonates and
pulses with the trials and tribulations of everyday life and can express
injustice just as sweetly as it does elation. Jam-packed with some of the
hottest sounds from the urban Latino world, this album features lyrics born on
the street dripping with tales of passion, anger, love and politics.

Guide to Urban Latino
(RGNET1160CD) includes Zona Marginal, Tríangulo Oscuro, Doctor Krapula, Actitud María
Marta, Chacka , Ska Cubano, Asilo 38, Nava, Yerba Brava, Arakatuba feat. Liliana
Chachian, Holger Hiller, Judiny feat. Caroline, Charanga Cakewalk, El Otro Yo
Del Otro Yo and Bostich.

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