Saida Karoli ISC World Music Finalist

After a good show during the Kora All Africa Music Awards in
December 2005, The Tanzanian song bird, Saida Karoli has entered the finalists
list in the international song writing competition through her song “Maria
Salome” commonly referred to as kanichambuwa kama karanga.

This voice of the Kilimanjaro had entered two songs in the ISC last year and
the other song Mukazi Wange reached the semi final stage in the folk music

World’s Best Song?

We really think that’s the result of the International Songwriting
Competition, and the ISC is another way to discover new global music (and music
from many other genres as well). You can listen to full-length streams of all
the nominated songs.

The overall winner for 2004 was New Zealand’s Gin Wigmore, and in 2003 top
honors went to one of our favorites, Moana Maniapoto, also of New Zealand.

We haven’t had a chance to listen to this year’s World Music nominees yet, but
we’re already familiar with the music of nominees

Suzzana Owiyo
, David Krakauer, Chiwoniso Maraire, Selasee Atiase,
, and of course Saida Karoli The World Music finalists (song –
artist – location) are:

“Comigo Mesmo” (With Myself) Lu Horta – Saõ Paulo, Brazil
“Free Nigeria” Baoku Moses – Cincinnati, OH, USA
“Ji Opogore” Yunasi – Nairobi, Kenya
“Kisumu 100” (Benga Mix)

Suzzana Owiyo
– Nairobi, Kenya
“Klezmer A La Bechet” David Krakauer – Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Leemou” Saskia Laroo – Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Maria Salome”
– Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
“Rebel Woman”

Chiwoniso Maraire
– Harare, Zimbabwe
“Run Selasee” Atiase – Accra, Ghana
“So Nice Tammy” Ben-Eliezer (Minx), Sheldon Campbell (Turbulence) – Brooklyn,
“Tingo Al Tango” Richie Gajate-Garcia, Thania Sanz – Granada Hills, CA, USA
“Tomayziyi” Jacob Chaudeurge, Andrew Wood, Jerry Boweh, Robin Miller, Alasdair
MacDonald, Anna Macdonald, Lesley Wood-Brooks, Gavin Murray, Rosemary Amoani (Zuba)
– Glasgow, Scotland
“Transbalkanica” Marcel Stefanet (Transbalkanica) – Chisinau, Moldova
“Yeh Nahnin”
, Rafi Naza – New York, NY, USA

You can view the complete list of 2006 ISC finalists at,
and fill out the brief registration form if you want to vote. The people’s
choice award favors the industrious, as one can vote once a day throughout the
month of February. Results are announced in March.

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Author: kenneth ramsay