Scintillating Kuchipudi Dance Recital

Author: Ms Lakshmi

Kuchipudi Dance recital By Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant

The Broadcast Engineering Society (India) as part of their 12thInternational
Conference & Exibition on Terrestial & Satellite Broadcasting decided very
wisely to have a break with an exquisite dance recital by an eminent artiste.
Mr. N.S. Ganesan the President effected the Dinner diplomacy deftly with a
preceding dance recital to the very mingled but erudite audience both national
and international at the India Habitat Centre on the 9th of February 2006.When a renowned, experienced exponent of a classical form performs it is always
a treat to watch.

When Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant performs, it is all this and more. What made her
performance memorable was the rare inducement seen. She at once transports the
viewer into another world, where Krishna, Rama, and the other pantheon of Indian
Gods, seem to have descended and are enacting their stories.

Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, one of the outstanding performs among the dancers of
the younger generation, brings an individual verve and vivacity to her
performance. A dancer, teacher & choreographer excellence, Ananda has an
acclaimed, and intense body of Choreographic work that sets her apart from other

Stretching the grammar & idiom of classical dance to encompass social & philosophical themes, Ananda’s recital was layered with rich imagery, a rare
internalization and infectious joy that transport the viewer.

This was seen in ample measure.

Whether in the opening serenity of the Pushpanjali or the Dashavataram that
followed, with her sparkling choreography, lithe movements, crisp nritta, & nuanced abhinaya.

The Dashavataram, set in Khanda Chapu, and Ragamalika, was Kaleidoscopic where
the crisp nritta gave way to the story of each avatar. The Narasimha, Rama & Krishna avatars needs special mention for their vivid imagery.

This item gave way to a Meera Bhajan in Misra Malkauns ‘ ‘Tum Bin More kaun
Khabar le’ ‘ sings Meera ‘ who but you will take care of me’

Her deep involvement draws you into the story ‘ you too are offended & angry, as
was Draupadi, and you too feel the anguish of Meera seeking her Lord; so
magnetic is Ananda’s Abhinaya.

The last item, Tarangam, was a grand finale ‘ Ananda’s quicksilver movements
spontaneous abhinaya, brought out the pranks of Krishna tellingly, endearing in
its liveliness.

Ananda as her name indicates dances with inner joy, and great involvement,
captivating you with her charm, and apparent ease.

She was accompanied by a good orchestra lead by Bhanu Prasad on the Nattuvangam,
Lavanya Lata on the Vocal, T.P. Balasubramaniam on the Mridangam, Sai Kumar on
the violin.

“Every fool knows you can’t touch the stars, but it doesn’t stop a wise man from

[Photo: Dr. Ananda Shankar].

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